Dining in the Dark reflection 

So we went to dining in the dark and we learned alot about empathy so here’s our reflections:


  1. I felt afraid of being blind,of being not able to see anything I felt as if I could hurt myself just by walking
  2. I found it difficult to both pick up my food and put it in my mouth i ended up making a mess of myself i also found it difficult to gauge how much food I had left and locating the jug and pitcher for the juice
  3. I tried to eat as slowly and carefully as i can and relied on the awareness of the positioning of my hands 

It was a meaningful experience I now think of the blind as people who posses an extraordinary amount of courage to be able to continue living despite them being cconstantly in a world of darkness for the rest of their lives .They are in a way a type of heroes who serve to inspire the rest of us to continue looking and moving forward come what may .Afterall,if they can continue to live and move forward despite being in a world of darkness than what more of us ?

Zhi Han

  1. Learned alot of stuff and all new designs i have never seen
  2. Could not see anything in the room and I felt that I could be easily attack by my friends.Getting molested by people and being vulnerable to people. Also its hard to to eat.
  3. Try to fight back and decided to put the whole chicken into my mouth
  4. It was a great experience


  1.  My experience of being ‘physically challenged’ is not being able to see anything and not being able to know where something is by seeing it physically. The fear of spilling something unknowingly is real.
  2.  I had problems eating the meatball spaghetti. I had to feel my way around the plate for food as I don’t know how big is the plate and how much food is in it. Pouring the sugar and creamer was a difficult task as well. I’m unsure of whether I pouring into the cup or on the table.
  3. 3. To prevent food spillage or wastage, I poked my fork around the plate for food. I also brought my mouth closer to the plate so as to ensure the food doesn’t fall off as the plate is very close to the edge of the table. When pouring the sugar and creamer into the tea, I made sure I felt the rim of the cup with my fingers to make sure there was a circle before pouring.
  4. I felt that it was a memorable experience as I’ve never experienced eating in total darkness. Also I’ve learnt to make better use of my sense of feeling when my sense of sight is removed.


Link :https://wordpress.com/stats/insights/p1637652.wordpress.com

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E and T week 4

In week 4 we learned about the empathy map. so basically an empathy map is used to refine and perfect a product.To achieve this we need to conduct an interview which is an important,this is because interviews allow the company to interact and gather feedback from the consumer.

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E and T:Broken rules

So these were the broken rules for our previous product

These were our innovtions it was a close call between the bag and the knife

We were told to find the broken rules of our product last week and we decided to try what might go wrong with the product.Afterwards we decided to come up with innovations which was a close call between a knife made of boron carbide one of the hardest materials on earth so that it will last a long time and a solar powered bag which can chrge your phone and laptop using body heat and solar power .In the end the bag won due to its practical use in our busy lifestyle and because my teacher told us that if we create a knife that will take a long time to become dull or break then we would end up not having customers as soon as we sold to all of them 

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Marshmallow Tower 

Group members:Anggun,Cavan,Christian and Zhi Han

So My group and I were Tasked with Building . tower out of spaghetti sticks,blu tack and scotch/masking tape .

Well we started off with the idea that we should build a tripod as a base

However that didn’t exactly work out the way we wanted it to soo we decide on Zhi Han’s idea

It still didn’t work out due to the Center of gravity being in the wrong place but our teacher said that our idea was good so I guess there’s that .

Next we shared with each other the interesting gadgets we found in the museum


Here’s a panda instead

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Red dot Museum

So I visited the red dot museum on monday .I was tasked with finding Items whose design appealed to me so here are my picks

So this shoe caught my eye because the concept fascinated me it was a shoe with replaceable parts.the designers were aimin to help the environment by mitigating the growing number of shoes being thrown.So this shoe works by being able to detach the sole and the innermost part of the shoe from each other.The only downside of this is the issue that could arise when we try to figure out how to correctly put the parts together.However the idea behind this is a brilliant one as this opens up more doors and possibilities with regards to fashion and function,the possibilities are endless

So the characteristic that I found is that the heads of the peeler were interchangeable this means that you could use different heads according to what vegetables or fruits you’re gonna cut which spells convenience and variety for consumers

This watch appeals to me because of its design where it is not a stereotypical watch or digital watch as it shows and of course its most important aspect versatility.The watch shows the time from different time zones and also acts as a compass

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ABE Tower Construction

Construction process:

-first and foremost my team and I had to plan the design and measurements of our tower

Our early designs and measurements

After settling on a design and measurements we then had to cut the parts to their individual length

– Afterwards we then had to construct the base and the foundations of the tower

Construction of the base and foundation of the tower

-We then constructed the sides,the top and the support of the tower

Constructing the support

Constructing the Top

Building the floors

-Last but not the least the long awited load test

Our tower before the load test


King Kong

Problems we faced:

-Lack of time

-lack of resouces (sticks)

-Lack of knowledge on the best way to build a tower specifically for supporting heavy loads

-Our tower was too wide

-Our tower had meagre support on the frames

-We also had to deal with the stress of the looming deadline so as a result my team members decided to release their pent up stress towards the end

Here’s what I thought about the experience(Reflection)

– Christian

  • The best thing about this experience was that I have never done anything like this ,building a tower out of sticks and seeing how much load it can take.It was both fun and exciting to put our tower to the test.I mean I have already built towers in the past but never this high due to the lack of resources and what’s more I did not have the proper environment and equipment to put it to the test.
  • The things that went right were that we finished just in time and we managed to build the tower but what didn’t go right was that we didn’t have enough time thus our work was rushed and what’s more though I came up with ideas I did not really know how to put them into motion thus they were rejected by  my group .My lackluster background in D and T did not really help.
  • My main contribution was ideas and I also reinforced the base of the tower with some twine and glue

Here’s what my teammates thought(Reflection) just click on the link


-Tara: https://p1638260.wordpress.com/2016/08/07/tower-reflection/

Pikachu I choose you!!!

Well that’s all for now

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Bukit Timah heritage trail

So my heritage trail went pretty well with Zhi han acting as the guide it went pretty well the most interesting place I saw was the abandoned railway.I saw lots of interesting and familiar places .Sadly we could not visit the old ford factory as it was under renovation .

We visited

1.Memories ar old ford factory

2.Former Bukit Timah fire station

3.Bukit Timah Nature reserve

4.Beuty world centre

5.Bukit Timah plaza

6.Bukit Timah food centre

7.Bukit Timah railway station

8.Former Singapore Turf club at Bukit Timah

9.Singapore Botanic Gardens




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