AEC Week 4 reflection

-Well I guess that there are multiple Singaporean concern towards migrants,one such concern towards migrants is safety and security.Migrants traveling to Singapore are more often than not from other countries.This would mean that these migrants would behave differently due to living in in different places,people are naturally uneasy around something that is different or new and of course some of these behaviours may be seen as offensive in Singapore.Let us also not forget that due to the latest acts of terrorism paranoia has began to spread.Thus,Singaporeans might feel that their security and safety and security are at risk.The migrants on the other hand have their own concerns.Inculcation for one is a concern worthy of mention,it is this fear of being unable to integrate oneself into Singapore’s social world which in other words is the fear of “not fitting in”.This fear stems from the fact that Singapore is a whole new world to them thus they are unsure of what is acceptable and what is not,of course being a migrant  myself this is how I feel.

-My philosophy towards Migration is that it is necessity if we truly want to discover more about humanity as a whole because it is often those who are different from us that can teach us some of the most valuable and insightful lessons.My philosophy towards refugees….well I’m torn between two sides.On one hand I feel a deep sense of sympathy towards them.They have lost everything from their homes,possessions,lives and even their loved ones….to be denied respite and shelter.How much more can and will they lose before they finally have peace? However,on the other hand I understand why some of the other countries’ leaders have denied them access to shelter.It is because these leaders have a duty to protect their countries from threats.Like i mentioned before some of these refugees have lost their loved ones and some have lost everything.Often these people carry hatred in their hearts,as if someone cleaved their hearts from their bosoms and stuck a burning coal in its place.It is these people who may act violently in the name of vengeance.It is often the leaders that have to make the greatest sacrifice and carry the heaviest burden,the burden they have to carry in this situation is the disappointment and shock from the people they sought to protect and the sacrifice they had to make was sliver of their humanity.If they even had the slightest trace of empathy in their hearts.Hence,I understand why they’re skeptical of allowing refugees into their own countries.However, what I cannot accept is that there are leaders who dehumanize these refugees with their words laced with venom,calling them swarms and criminalising them without even contemplating what it would be like in their position.It is these types of leaders that I cannot stand they make me question their ability to lead their own people…but enough of this …for now….Thus,these are my reasons for my not coming to a decision on the matter.So sorry for the long post I just had to type in my thoughts.

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