RSAF Open House Reflection

Q1) I have discovered that RSAF has one of the most technologically advanced gadgets in the world.They also participate in civil duties such as the delivery of relief goods and fighting fires in Indonesia’s forest.

Q2)There are many issues regarding to my visit.However,I feel that one of the biggest issues is that NS is compulsory and its duration,I’ve recently read articles and blogs about  NS men expressing their frustration.They believe that NS should be optional as it takes 2 years of their lives and during these 2 years they are unable to go to work and though they do get a monthly allowance NS does not provide them with the skills and expertise necessary to advance in their field of career.Thus,they feel that NS should either be optional or shorter.

Q3)We all have our parts to play in keeping our country safe.I believe that it is our jobs as civilians to be constantly vigilant towards potential threats within our countries such as suspicious activities and such.So while our soldiers defend our country from external threats we defend our country from internal threats.This is to ensure that our country remains safe and peaceful so that the next generation can enjoy it in all its glory.

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