ABE Tower Construction

Construction process:

-first and foremost my team and I had to plan the design and measurements of our tower

Our early designs and measurements

After settling on a design and measurements we then had to cut the parts to their individual length

– Afterwards we then had to construct the base and the foundations of the tower

Construction of the base and foundation of the tower

-We then constructed the sides,the top and the support of the tower

Constructing the support

Constructing the Top

Building the floors

-Last but not the least the long awited load test

Our tower before the load test


King Kong

Problems we faced:

-Lack of time

-lack of resouces (sticks)

-Lack of knowledge on the best way to build a tower specifically for supporting heavy loads

-Our tower was too wide

-Our tower had meagre support on the frames

-We also had to deal with the stress of the looming deadline so as a result my team members decided to release their pent up stress towards the end

Here’s what I thought about the experience(Reflection)

– Christian

  • The best thing about this experience was that I have never done anything like this ,building a tower out of sticks and seeing how much load it can take.It was both fun and exciting to put our tower to the test.I mean I have already built towers in the past but never this high due to the lack of resources and what’s more I did not have the proper environment and equipment to put it to the test.
  • The things that went right were that we finished just in time and we managed to build the tower but what didn’t go right was that we didn’t have enough time thus our work was rushed and what’s more though I came up with ideas I did not really know how to put them into motion thus they were rejected by  my group .My lackluster background in D and T did not really help.
  • My main contribution was ideas and I also reinforced the base of the tower with some twine and glue

Here’s what my teammates thought(Reflection) just click on the link


-Tara: https://p1638260.wordpress.com/2016/08/07/tower-reflection/

Pikachu I choose you!!!

Well that’s all for now

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