Red dot Museum

So I visited the red dot museum on monday .I was tasked with finding Items whose design appealed to me so here are my picks

So this shoe caught my eye because the concept fascinated me it was a shoe with replaceable parts.the designers were aimin to help the environment by mitigating the growing number of shoes being thrown.So this shoe works by being able to detach the sole and the innermost part of the shoe from each other.The only downside of this is the issue that could arise when we try to figure out how to correctly put the parts together.However the idea behind this is a brilliant one as this opens up more doors and possibilities with regards to fashion and function,the possibilities are endless

So the characteristic that I found is that the heads of the peeler were interchangeable this means that you could use different heads according to what vegetables or fruits you’re gonna cut which spells convenience and variety for consumers

This watch appeals to me because of its design where it is not a stereotypical watch or digital watch as it shows and of course its most important aspect versatility.The watch shows the time from different time zones and also acts as a compass

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