Live writer


Before you install

Windows Live Writer 2011, please make sure you have an active blog. If you don’t already have one, you can sign up to get a new blog in seconds.
Next, download the Windows Live Writer 2011 setup program.

Select “Choose the programs you want to install.”
Uncheck everything except for Writer. Click Install. You’ll be prompted to restart your computer once the install completes.

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CA1: Global Voices

The article I chose is about how the epidemic known as human trafficking has reached Trinidad and Tobago.What is troubling about this is that immigration officers and law enforcement are being bribed by the traffickers for protection and sabotaging police investigation a police station even routinely sent new recruits to purchase commercial sex from a local brothel .It is saddening as not only have the people who are helping the traffickers are not only hampering justice and obstructing justice but the victims of sex trafficking are also afraid of seeking help as they fear that they will be prosecuted by the law and labelled as prostitution offenders .We must help these victims  by spreading awareness of their plight to our friends and families or social media.

Link to the article:

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CA1: Unusual Occupations

I think one of the most unusual jobs I’ve heard would be known as ethical hacking.Basically what these hackers do is that they attempt to hack and find glitches in computer systems they then report it to their superiors who then attempts to fix the glitches and mitigate the chances of another glitch or someone hacking into their systems from happening again.I find this job very interesting as something which is seen as amoral in this case hacking is actually being used for something useful and morally good which contradicts people’s views about the object or action in question.

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CA1:Bukit Timah Heritage Trail

This gallery contains 10 photos.

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AEC CA1:Worker writes

My favourite poem would be called Lamp post by Mohor Khan .I feel that this poem reveals  one of the biggest burdens that Migrant workers have to carry and it is a heavy burden indeed.To become a stranger to your very own family ….. something that I cannot even fathom especially when you only left to secure their future and yet you are repaid with solitude and contempt.Is this what they really deserve? after they spend most of their time building our homes will their burden ever be lifted ? well the answer is in our hands it always was and always will be.

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AEC CA1 :Made In Singapore

My favourite Singaporean invention is the Thumbdrive .The Thumbdrive is a great convenience to many countless people it has allowed many to carry information in a portable object no bigger then the index finger instead of lugging it around in their bag or suitcase.If I were an inventor I would invent a chemical compound that immediately reenergize and rejuvinate both the body and mind ,whilst removing discomfort such us head aches and exhaustion .That invention would be incredibly useful to me.

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AEC CA1 $5 challenge

So I have just finished doing the challenge and I must admit its not easy. $5 was barely enough to buy me lunch….well I must admit I have always known how difficult it is  to survive with so little , growing up in a third world country my family and I have faced many challenges and it has lead me to appreciate and take notice of the simple things a little better.

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